About us

I have started this website, the blogs and galleries when we moved with our family to Singapore. It is aimed at keeping our families, friends and loved ones up-to-date with what we do without being so public as Facebook or any other social media. That is also the reason why this blog is made private. Please respect that and do not share or copy/paste anything from this website without prior consent from us.

Have fun browsing our website and enjoy the pictures and films.



5 gedachten over “About us

  1. Super leuk om zo iets te zien van jullie leventje daar!! Liefs van ons

  2. Als je klikt op 1 van de tabjes boven aan de pagina in de zwarte balk: “updates of foto’s/video’s” dan kom je op de andere pagina’s waar de berichten staan en de foto’s/video’s.

  3. Ben onder de indruk.
    Ook benieuwd naar de berichten, foto’s etc.

  4. Ben benieuwd naar de eerste berichten en/ of foto’s.

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